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  Farfalla is a San Diego based Rhythmic Gymnastics studio for kids ages 5 through 16.     Our private lessons are tailored to your child's strengths and weaknesses.  

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Farfalla is a San Diego based training facility for children ages 5 through 16. The comprehensive training programs at Farfalla utilize unique elements from Rhythmic Gymnastics to help children develop artistry, flexibility and technique while building self confidence, self control and discipline.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a beautiful, elegant, graceful sport that combines the artistic elements of ballet, the strength and athleticism of artistic gymnastics, and the flexibility needed for manipulating the apparatus used in routines.

Our private lessons are tailored to your child's strengths and weaknesses. For our semiprivate classes, we address the strengths and weaknesses of two children separately.

Our goal is to help your child become the strong, capable person you want your him or her to be.

Farfalla offers one of a kind training programs that help children master rhythmic gymnastics techniques. Classes are led by coach Iryna Yemengulova, a former international champion and multi-medal-winning rhythmic gymnast, who received a Master of Sports award.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

    Benefits of Private Lessons

    Each child gets intensive one-on-one stretching and strengthening training. We create a customized program that addresses your child's goals and needs, while also considering their body's ability. We tailor our training to your child's sport, with a goal of optimizing their ability and performance. We help your child gain maximum flexibility, strength, correct posture, artistry and technique.

Flexibility & Strength
$90 / 1 private lesson
$280 / 4 private lessons
1 on 1 Flexibility & Strength
is a specialized training program that is customized to your child's unique goals & needs. This training program is suitable for all sports.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics
$90 / 1 private lesson
$280 / 4 private lessons
1 on 1 Rhythmic Gymnastics is a unique and entertaining program that combines choreography and general Rythmic Gymnastics training.
Our private lessons are tailored to your child's strengths and weaknesses.
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Stretching Class
$85 / 4 classes/month
$150 / 8 classes/month
Stretching is an essential part of every ice skater's, dancer's and cheerleader's training. We offer a comprehensive training program that utilize unique elements from rhythmic gymnastics which helps athletes gain maximum flexibility strength, correct posture and technique.
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New! Boys Flexibility and Strength Class:
Help your young athlete bolster the basics of any sport with the help of Farfalla gymnastics-inspired flexibility and strength training. This particular course improves your future sports star’s range of motion, posture, and body mechanics. Whether they play a sport like football or attend hip-hop classes after-school, this course will help them grow into better and healthier athletes. $85 for 4 classes per month. $150 for 8 classes per month.

the coach

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Iryna Yemengulova is a former Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast. She trained and competed in her native country and on the international level, wining gold, silver and bronze medals. After finishing her competitive career, Iryna went on to earn a “Master of Sport” degree in rhythmic gymnastics. For the past five years, Iryna has been coaching children all over the world. She educates coaches in the United States and teaches them how to develop their own rhythmic gymnastics programs.

Iryna became a performer in 2004, first in Bulgaria's Twin Kingdom program. For the past nine years, she has performed in galas throughout the world. She is currently performing at the Blue Horizon's Show at San Diego's Sea World, where she is cast as the main character, Aurora.

    Our Programs

Goals for Every Child
We concentrate on all areas of the body to help children develop strength, flexibility, balance and control. To achieve that, we work with every child on specific goals to help them gain a balance of full-body flexibility, power and strength.

Core Warm-Up
A full-body warm-up that includes arm and leg movements, jumps and more.
Upper-Body Strength
We use push-ups, plank holds, crunches and other moves to build a powerful upper body.
Lower-Body Strength
We build lower-body strength through lunges, squats, relevés, leg kicks and more.
Lengthening & Relaxing
We work the calves, hamstrings, abdominals and back to lengthen the body and increase flexibility.

Flexibility is an asset that will help your child in other areas of life as well. Our classes are designed to address each child's needs. We create a stretching program for each child that improves overall body alignment, posture and overall flexibility.
Artistry and Technique

Your child will learn the basics of choreography and the philosophy behind it. We aim to train each students to execute their movements at a “performance level” with special attention to details.


Rhythmic gymnastics gives dancers, figure skaters, gymnasts of any kind and other athletes the strengthening that helps with all aspects of sports or any other activities. Rhythmic gymnastics makes this possible without adding unwanted bulk.

Choreography Apparatus and TechniqueChoreography
and Technique

Farfalla composes unique and entertaining choreography for Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnasts. Our choreographers customize each floor exercise to fit the gymnasts' movement and personality. Followed by private lessons to further develop their dance movements and artistry in the routine.

Our students learn to use standard rhythmic gymnastics apparatus including:


Working with a rope includes a series of jumps over the rope, along with choreographed movements, such as tossing the rope and swinging or rotating it.


The hula hoop-like apparatus is used when the gymnast does jumps , tosses, swings or rotates the hoop.


Students bounce the ball, rolling it over their body and on the floor, swing it, move it in circles or in the shape of a figure 8, all while executing movements during a routine.


Students work with the club to do a series of circles, manipulation, throws, catches, tapping, handling and asymmetrical movements.


The ribbon is used to create snakes in the air and on the floor. It is also used for spirals, handling moves, a boomerang throw and tosses.


Address 1:
4863 Shawline St,
San Diego CA 92111

Address 2:
11048 Ice Skate Place
San Diego CA 92126

Phone: 619-252-4415

Please feel free to contact us in whatever way is most convenient for you. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.